Currently, I have collected over a thousand of used batteries and I am still collecting, so please do not hesitate to get in touch!

This project began a few months ago as I spotted used batteries and could not help but think of how they remind me of ammunition.
And so, I started with collecting used batteries, binding, experimenting and ended up braiding them together.

This practice is really meditative and I actually enjoy the whole process, from first reaching out to people from shops, offices, etc.

Which makes it becoming a bit of a community project as many people are giving them and supporting this project and becoming involved in this way.

I also like the idea of giving these 'empty batteries' a whole new context. Here, they are no longer 'out of use'. Instead, they are bonded and beautifully braided with the red thread.

Ever since working on art I had an interest in child soldiers, modern slavery and more global political problems this because of my parents's background as refugees from the Khmer Rouge war. "Rouge", which means red I French, is a colour which plays an important role throughout all my works. As to me it is the most human colour.

I hope to raise awareness with this work and create questions such as:

- Do we need weapons?

- Do we need to defend ourselves?

- When do need weapons? When can one use it?

- Who can use weapons?